Applications are being sought for the following areas:

Intelligent stormwater green infrastructure (i.e. cisterns, bioswales, green roofs, porous paving materials, etc.) – projects that create web-based infrastructure that allow for the active management of storm water with green infrastructure systems and the integration thereof

Storm water quality – projects that enhance the ability to detect contaminants in storm water and runoff, innovate the ability for best management practices to better capture and treat storm water and polluted runoff from both urban and rural environments, and identify beneficial reuse of reclaimed water will be deemed high priority 

Storm water quantity – projects that achieve run-off control through delayed release to the sewer system and area waterways, improve infiltration rates of green infrastructure, and maximize bio-retention will also be deemed high priority 

Plant process technology – innovations for nutrient removal, energy production and cost reductions and other plant optimization technologies

Other water technology applications outside of storm water quality/quantity –projects outside of storm water management, but located in Southeast Wisconsin

About The Water Council's Pilot Program - Winter 2016

              Pilot Projects must address integrated water solutions through innovation, application and demonstration while maintaining a cost-efficient, scalable and deployable model. The Program is open to businesses of all sizes, from anywhere around the world, with a product that needs validation and demonstration in a real-world setting. Ideally, applicants will have selected a site and the project is ready to go. The application will receive more consideration if the site is already secured.

              The Water Council and advisory team reserve the right to accept or not accept proposals, including rolling over funds, extending dates and deadlines to gain results. 

              “Wells Fargo is honored to support The Water Council through our Clean Technology and Innovation grant program. Their platform for gathering technical data in order to scale and commercialize technologies will provide much needed enhancements to our water infrastructure and fills a critical gap in the clean-tech ecosystem.” - Mary Wenzel, head of environmental affairs at Wells Fargo

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              Submission Criteria

              - Product/technology is ready for demonstration in a real-world setting, and at a minimum technology readiness level of 6. This program is not for engineering your first prototype.


              - In need of additional funding to complete the pilot process.


              - Include a letter of support from the owner of a potential site(s). If site selection assistance is needed, include this in the proposal. The actual pilot site and testing must be conducted in the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) planning area.


              - Submit a budget and milestone plan that includes testing and validation milestones.


              - Make note to any outside certifications necessary (Ex. NSF International).


              - At least a 25% cash match and 25% in-kind in your proposed budget (the more the match, the better). If your business is over $5,000,000 in revenue, show 100% cash match; dollar for dollar and include legal documentation.


              - Be a member of The Water Council; membership can be completed prior to or during the application

              Please follow the guidelines and submission criteria. If you have questions, please contact Elizabeth Thelen, Director of Entrepreneurship & Talent, at

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              October 1, 2017 at 8:00 AM (CDT)

              Application Deadline


              November 11, 2017 at 11:59pm (CDT)



              November to Mid-January 2018

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              Enter The Water Council's Pilot Program - Winter 2016
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